Learning Cohorts 2018

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The Corps Ministries Department at Canada and Bermuda Territorial Headquarters is pleased to provide a wide variety of Cohort topics  for the 2018 season.

For number of sessions, dates, and course expectations read about each Cohort using the main menu.

Why a Learning Cohort?  Reflection on God’s mission and how it finds expression in our leadership is important. We can increase our learning by hearing and reflecting on the experience of others. The time commitments are intentionally brief, however having several other people to share in the journey over a five month period provides support, encouragement and peer accountability in the process.

How does Coaching Contribute to the Experience?  Some  Cohorts utilize coaching.  A coaching appointment (in person or by telephone) after the video conference provides an opportunity to personally work through the issues facing you with regards to your particular context. Coaches have been trained to ask good questions, understand confidentiality and are aware of congregational life issues.

You will be provided with a list of available coaches and their biographic information so that you may indicate your preference of a coach for the duration of the cohort.  The number of coaches is limited, so you are encouraged to register your preference as soon as possible in order to ensure that you will be able to benefit from this opportunity.

You will meet with your personal coach for a maximum of one hour of coaching per month during the cohort. The intent is that you can use the coaching time to focus on what you will want to do in your local setting. A confidential coaching conversation will help you to clarify the focus and organize your steps. The coach will ask you to define what you have as goals for the coaching, will ask you questions to help you clarify what you need to do to accomplish your goals and will follow up in your monthly meetings.  This is done in the style of a “life coach” or “executive coach.” The coach may or may not be familiar with the teaching material of the cohort. Scheduling of coaching appointments with your coach is your responsibility. The Corps Ministries Department is covering any necessary costs of training or reimbursement of time for any of the coaches who are on the recommended list.

What will it Cost to Participate in this Cohort?  The registration fee for this cohort is $25.00, and is chargeable to your ministry unit.  The cost of the presenters, resources, coaching appointments and administration is being subsidized by the Corps Ministries Department at Territorial Headquarters.