Torch Bearers

Are you looking for a way to use the Olympic theme as an outreach opportunity in your community.  Here is a user-friendly Bible program that you can easily use for a one day Children’s Outreach event.  The program includes two interactive Bible sessions.  All you need to do is add the relay style games and craft components to make the day complete. NOTE: The file has been zipped and you will need to unzip it in order to open the PDF file and the PPS (PowerPoint Show) file.

Submitted by Steve and Valerie Pavey, Richmond Hill Community Church, ONCE Division.


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12 Days

December 26-January 6th are the  “12 Days of Christmas”.

This devotional brochure provides ideas to ponder whether you are alone, a couple or a whole family! 

In Europe in the Middle Ages, Christmas was not one day, but a season of twelve days which began on December 25th and concluded on January 6th, Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men found the Christ Child and worshipped Him.  (Matthew 2:9-11)

Today in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries January 6th is celebrated as Three Kings Day and children receive presents commemorating the gifts of the Kings brought to Jesus.


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Advent Candles

FIVE QUESTIONS OF CHRISTMAS Advent Worship Series –  Each worship outline contains all elements needed for your worship service. The order of each service presented is only a suggestion. No doubt changes will be needed to accommodate the flow and worship style of your corps. The outlines are flexible and allow opportunities to “cut and paste” as needed. If you are blessed with instrumental or vocal music resources, you may find there is more structured material here than needed. It is recommended that the headings of each section of the service be included in the bulletin.

This resource and several other ideas  are available through the USA Eastern Territory

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February Freeze

Here’s an opportunity to celebrate the Winter Blahs! Invite the kids in grades 3-6 to join you for some great winter outdoor fun. Celebrate snow, cold temperatures and friendship. Host the celebration at the home of someone with an outdoor skating rink or meet at a public outdoor rink that has a park area and shelter that you can meet in. Provide an urn of hot chocolate and try out these games.

This idea was submitted by Catherine Rawlins and Valerie Pavey of Richmond Hill Community Church, ON Central Division


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Remembering Jesus

A spiritual daily devotional journey from December 2 – 25, for worshipers as they kneel at the manger where Jesus Christ was born. In doing so they affirm that he came, that he is present today, and that he will come again in power. (Pages are set up to be printed front and back and then stapled and folded in booklet format) .

Submitted by Mary Read Horton, Consultant for Spiritual Formation/Discipleship, THQ


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The Love Feast has been practiced since the days of the Early Church. In The Salvation Army’s history, this meeting has given opportunity for deep, meaningful sharing among believers. It’s main purpose is to strengthen unity in the body of Christ and to offer a place for reconciliation and healing where that is needed. Excerpts from Commissioner Edward Read’s book Jottings From My Journey.

Submitted by Mary Read Horton.

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Christmas is one of the most important events for followers of Jesus, and we should prepare our selves for this. To help your young people prepare for Christmas download this calendar that is based on Luke 2:1-20. Then encourage your young people to see if they can memorize this passage of Scripture as they prepare for Christmas.

Submitted by Catherine Rawlins and Valerie Pavey, Richmond Hill Community Church, ON Central East Division

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Advent Wreath

Advent Readings and Activities for Children

Children are experts at excitement in the weeks leading up to Christmas. These advent activities with a social justice theme, can direct their excitement away from what the world offers and help them prepare for the true meaning of Jesus’ coming.

This article was submitted by Major Denise Walker, Assistant Territorial Youth Secretary with permission from the Revive magazine where it was originally published.

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Candle Light

As we prepare for the birth of the Messiah, Advent can be a season of transformation. These four readings entitled, “From Prophecy to Fulfillment”, “From Ordinary to Extraordinary”, “From Fear to Wonder”, and “From Slaves to Sons” will help you and your congregation transform your hearts.

This idea was submitted by Mary Read Horton, Pastoral Care Department, Territorial Headquarters – Canada and Bermuda.

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