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God invites each of us to join his Amazing Race! This Bible program teaches campers what it means to be in this race and invites them to join it. Here are some of the key points campers will discover: God’s Race is for everyone; What is God’s Race? It’s God’s Course for us; The Finish Line is life with God in heaven forever; Sin takes us off course; God strengthens us in the race; and God’s grace put us back on course Key verse for the week is 2 Timothy 4:7: I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith! May your campers be able to echo these words of the Apostle Paul. This Bible program uses a large group – small group teaching style with dramas, group activities and station activities. Also included are cabin devotions which could be used as small group discussion times when your campers need a break from their physical activity or as a final teaching time at the end of the day. NOTE this is a 42 page download. If you would rather purchase a printed copy you can order one through our on-line catalogue at

This program was written by Stephen and Valerie Pavey, Richmond Hill Community Church, ONCE Division.

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Day at the Beach

Supplies: traditional inflatable beach ball with wedges of colours
Have kids throw/bounce beach balls around the room or outside area, while music is playing. When the music stops, explain what the colours represent and then have kids spend time in prayer, praying for these things. A simple idea to help children focus prayers on others – all you need is a colourful beach ball.

  • Red – Praying for my parents
  • Green – Praying for my school
  • Orange – Praying for my friends
  • Blue – Praying for my neighbourhood
  • Yellow – Praying for my pastors
  • White – Praying for myself

Idea submitted by Captains Carson and Teresa Decker, Sackville Community Church, Maritime Division.

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