This camp program combines the idea that God has made each of us unique withe the theme of a circus and its different performs.  This is a week long (5 day) camp program intended for children ages 6-12.  Included are:  the daily schedule, Bible Time Outlines, Bible Time Resources, Prayer Station Instructions, Team Mission Outlines, Team Mission Resources.

This idea was submitted by the Regent Park Corps 614 Children’s Ministry team, ONCE Division.

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Where is it from

We all eat fruits and vegetables, but where are they grown? How far does it travel? A trip to the supermarket is often a voyage around the world! There are thousands of fruits and vegetables in the world. Grab a map and take a global journey from the comfort of your classroom. This activity illustrates the inter-dependency of our global food system, and encourages critical thought and reflection.

World Food Day is recognized in October.



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Dollar A Day

A four week Partners In Missions challenge, presenting something to be thankful for each day.  Distribute small draw string sachets and weekly cards indicating how much money to put in the bag each day, and what we should be thankful for as we contribute.

This idea comes with handouts for the four weeks, tags for the sachets, and an instruction page.


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Easter Chick

A Holy Week devotional that can be given out to families in your church to help them prepare their hearts and minds for Easter. Encourage families to crack open an egg each day and meditate on Christ, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the new life we can enjoy in Christ.

Related Scripture:  Luke 22:7-20, Luke 22:39-46, Luke 22:54-62, Mark 15:1-15, Luke 23:44-46, Romans 5:6-11, Mark 15:43-47, Luke 24:1-8

This idea was submitted by Catherine Rawlins of the Richmond Hill Community Church, ON Central East Division

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Easter Cross

Good Friday “Tenebrae” Service

In preparation for your Tenebrae Service have your meeting room set up in such a way that the lighting can be dimmed as each shadow is reflected upon so that when you reach “The Darkness of…” the room is in near total darkness. This is a solemn occasion, encourage your congregation to enter and exit in silence – this will help make this a time of reflection.

This service outline was submitted by Majors David and Beth Pearo, Richmond Hill Community Church, ON Central East Division


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