Easter Cross

Looking for new song material this Easter? The following suggestions have been tested out on my own congregation. Many of them have proved to be emotionally moving, immensely popular, and fairly easy to learn. Those songs marked with asterisks are well-known, well-loved, and well-sung in my own corps situation. Some are already available in brass band congregational accompaniments. So don’t shy away from discovering some new awesome music that will give yourself new ways of praising God this Easter. “Let us sing a new song unto the Lord!”

Submitted by Kim Garreffa


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Music and Praise

Chorus: Through Your eyes, Through Your eyes,
May I see the world around me through Your eyes.

To minister in love and serve with hands of grace,
and see within each face the face of Christ,
And live a life embraced through Your eyes.

To listen more than speak, and speak Your truth in love,
And seek to hear your voice in every cry, and live a life discerned through Your eyes.

Abandoned to my God, a living sacrifice,
In service to the world to make it Thine:
I live my life unfurled through Your eyes.

words and music by Kim Garreffa, 2006


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Christmas Music

New lyrics to a traditional tune (Silver Bells).
– author unknown

Hear the jingle of the sleighbells as we glide through the snow,
While our bright happy songs we are singing.
They are telling of that glad night in the long, long ago,
When the Saviour of sinners was born.


With their clear bells on the corner stand the people in blue,
Asking shoppers to share in the giving,
For through sharing and through caring there will come, it is true,
Christmas joy that will last all the year.

Best of all, we hear the church bells peeling carols so sweet,
Clearly heard o’er the noise of the traffic.
Come and worship, come and worship at the dear Saviour’s feet!
How we love Him for whom the bells ring!

There is no download for this – copy and paste.

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Christmas Music

New words to a traditional tune: How Great Thou Art (author-unknown)
Copy and Paste or download below:

When Christ was born in Bethl’hem’s lowly manger,
When angel hosts brought tidings from above,
The shepherds gazed in far and awesome wonder
While songs of joy were wafted from above.

Go tell the news, the blesséd gospel news,
A Saviour lives, a King is born.
Go tell the news, the blesséd gospel news,
O praise His Name, a King is born.

The heavens rang with tidings of great wonder,
“A King is born, a gift to fallen man.
Go search for Him, you’ll find Him in a manger,
Go tell the world of God’s salvation plan.”
(repeat chorus)

Then shepherds came and bowed in humble worship,
While angel hosts were hov’ring very near.
The world slept on, but in a lowly stable
Hope overcame and love casts out all fear.
(repeat chorus)

The wise men came and offered him their treasures
Led by the star they journeyed from afar.
So may we give our life in fullest measure
And serve the King our Bright and Morning Star.
(repeat chorus)

Author unknown, Tune: How Great Thou Art


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Wise Men

Song Lyrics:

The angels presented their message so clear,
The shepherds knew well that the Saviour was here.
So humbly they entered the place he abode,
The Babe and the Star of Bethlehem’s road.

And today we poor sinners can come to his place,
And offer our lives on his altar of grace.
Through washing and cleansing he lightens our load;
The Christ and the Star of Bethlehem’s road.

The wise men came seeking a new king to find,
But a carpenter’s son who was humble and kind,
They found, and to worship, their gifts they bestowed,
On the Child and the Star of Bethlehem’s road.

The blind came to see, and the deaf came to hear
Of salvation and freedom and heaven so near.
And many more witnessed the love that he showed;
On the cross as the Star of Bethlehem’s road.
lyrics by Major Phillip Birt
Tune: Flow Gently Sweet Afton (TB 558)
Copy and Paste or download

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Christmas Angel

Here’s a great way to share the Christmas Story while inviting both church and community members to work together to share that same story. Why not considering hosting an outreach event through the use of planning, preparing and performing a Christmas Musical. Download this item to find out how.


This idea was submitted by Captain Karen Puddicombe, Niagara Orchard Community Church, ON Great Lakes Division.

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Christmas Music

Christmas is a time when people enjoy singing Christmas Carols whether they are religious or not. Enjoy this program and learn the stories and facts about the carols we sing.

Note: This devotion has been used with permission from The Salvation Army UK Territory, found in CONNECT: Adult and Family Ministries Resource Material, July December 2016

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