Couple Care – In Spanish Los matrimonios exitosos se construyen sobre un cimiento sólido que les permite vivir el matrimonio tal y como fue diseñado. En este manual podre encontrar enseñanzas con bases bíblicas, ejemplos personales, humor y preguntas interactivas que tocan temas como: Grandes Expectativas…..


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12 Days

December 26-January 6th are the  “12 Days of Christmas”.

This devotional brochure provides ideas to ponder whether you are alone, a couple or a whole family! 

In Europe in the Middle Ages, Christmas was not one day, but a season of twelve days which began on December 25th and concluded on January 6th, Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men found the Christ Child and worshipped Him.  (Matthew 2:9-11)

Today in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries January 6th is celebrated as Three Kings Day and children receive presents commemorating the gifts of the Kings brought to Jesus.


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Advent Candles

FIVE QUESTIONS OF CHRISTMAS Advent Worship Series –  Each worship outline contains all elements needed for your worship service. The order of each service presented is only a suggestion. No doubt changes will be needed to accommodate the flow and worship style of your corps. The outlines are flexible and allow opportunities to “cut and paste” as needed. If you are blessed with instrumental or vocal music resources, you may find there is more structured material here than needed. It is recommended that the headings of each section of the service be included in the bulletin.

This resource and several other ideas  are available through the USA Eastern Territory

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Dollar A Day

A four week Partners In Missions challenge, presenting something to be thankful for each day.  Distribute small draw string sachets and weekly cards indicating how much money to put in the bag each day, and what we should be thankful for as we contribute.

This idea comes with handouts for the four weeks, tags for the sachets, and an instruction page.


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Easter Chick

A Holy Week devotional that can be given out to families in your church to help them prepare their hearts and minds for Easter. Encourage families to crack open an egg each day and meditate on Christ, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the new life we can enjoy in Christ.

Related Scripture:  Luke 22:7-20, Luke 22:39-46, Luke 22:54-62, Mark 15:1-15, Luke 23:44-46, Romans 5:6-11, Mark 15:43-47, Luke 24:1-8

This idea was submitted by Catherine Rawlins of the Richmond Hill Community Church, ON Central East Division

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Day at the Beach

Supplies: traditional inflatable beach ball with wedges of colours
Have kids throw/bounce beach balls around the room or outside area, while music is playing. When the music stops, explain what the colours represent and then have kids spend time in prayer, praying for these things. A simple idea to help children focus prayers on others – all you need is a colourful beach ball.

  • Red – Praying for my parents
  • Green – Praying for my school
  • Orange – Praying for my friends
  • Blue – Praying for my neighbourhood
  • Yellow – Praying for my pastors
  • White – Praying for myself

Idea submitted by Captains Carson and Teresa Decker, Sackville Community Church, Maritime Division.

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Here is a fun suggestions for a parent and teen, or older elementary aged children. Families come prepared with their collection of pictures from a whole year, and spend the evening together creating a family calendar, featuring themselves. Supplies for making the calendar are provided. Families are encouraged to work together at selecting the pictures for each page, and to reminisce while they work. If you have a video camera available, have a camera-person circulating the room, videotaping families explaining why they chose pictures for different pages. Then replay the video during refreshment time. If you do this in the late fall, families can make copies of their calendar for Christmas presents to family and friends.

Rally Day: Use this idea on Rally weekend, and have families make an album of their summer adventures!

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