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Group of Children

This Children’s Program Opening focuses on the story of the Good Samaritan, but it uses a modern day twist. It is suggested that the program items be written out on red hearts which are then attached to a tree. As you move through the program a young person is invited to come and pick a heart from the tree to see which item will be next on the program, i.e., a prayer, a song, or the devotional. This opening could be used for Valentine’s or any other time you wish to focus the children’s thoughts on loving others.

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The Love Feast has been practiced since the days of the Early Church. In The Salvation Army’s history, this meeting has given opportunity for deep, meaningful sharing among believers. It’s main purpose is to strengthen unity in the body of Christ and to offer a place for reconciliation and healing where that is needed. Excerpts from Commissioner Edward Read’s book Jottings From My Journey.

Submitted by Mary Read Horton.

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