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Children Pray

Here is a sample from this leadership development idea: “When it comes to teaching kids — raising up a future generation which will be able to withstand a barrage of evil from the world; a generation which will be spiritually mature; a generation which will be better than that of their fathers — we need to show them disciplined lives. We need to teach them how to develop a spiritual sixth sense. We also need to develop our own spiritual discernment. One step in developing spiritual discernment is prayer…”

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Children Pray

One reason children are uncomfortable praying out loud is because they do not have a vocabulary to draw upon when it comes to prayer. In other words, they don’t know what to say! This exercise will help them find the vocabulary they need, and is adaptable to Sunday Schools, family and small group prayer times, or private prayer. Adults, too, will find this fun, easy and beneficial. Pick a letter of the alphabet, like “A”. Have people in your group think of as many words as they can that start with that letter, and write the words down on a chalkboard, whiteboard or flip chart. For example, “awesome, adore, apple, antelope, amazing, ask, answer … etc. Have your group pray short sentence prayers, out loud, with their eyes fixed on the words written down at the front. For example: God, You are so awesome! We adore You, Lord! You are the apple of our eye! We praise you for all the wonders of nature You have given to us, from antelopes to zebras! You are an amazing God! We ask You Lord, to hear and answer all our prayers today. Encourage your group to copy the words from the board at the front into a small notebook that they bring with them or that you provide. This is something they will be able to take home with them afterwards and use in their private prayer time, where they can create their own sentence prayers at their leisure. Encourage them to bring back the notebooks each week as you add a new letter to their prayer vocabulary, and encourage them to pray out loud to the group some of the prayers that they have created. Complete idea. Copy and paste this text, or download a page.


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Music and Praise

Consider hosting a youth prayer concert followed by an open house of prayer stations. This idea provides a prayer concert outline, suggested prayer topics and suggestions for prayer stations. The prayer concert is an hour in length and the prayer stations can be open for about 2 hours to allow participants to freely move and pray.

Related Scripture: Psalm 92, Psalm 12:3; Isaiah 61:1-7; Isaiah 42:5-9; 10-16; Isaiah 43:1-7; Revelation 4:6-11; 5:11-14

This idea was submitted by Major Sandra Budden, Woodstock, ON Great Lakes Division.

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Journey with Jesus as he visits the home of friends, teaches his disciples, prays in Gethsemane, is denied by Peter and is tried and crucified. Five prayer stations help focus attention on Jesus’ last days on earth and give the opportunity for personal reflection and prayer. Can be used in a corps setting or for personal devotions.

This idea was written by Mary Read Horton, Consultant for Spiritual Formation/Discipleship, THQ.


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Day at the Beach

Supplies: traditional inflatable beach ball with wedges of colours
Have kids throw/bounce beach balls around the room or outside area, while music is playing. When the music stops, explain what the colours represent and then have kids spend time in prayer, praying for these things. A simple idea to help children focus prayers on others – all you need is a colourful beach ball.

  • Red – Praying for my parents
  • Green – Praying for my school
  • Orange – Praying for my friends
  • Blue – Praying for my neighbourhood
  • Yellow – Praying for my pastors
  • White – Praying for myself

Idea submitted by Captains Carson and Teresa Decker, Sackville Community Church, Maritime Division.

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Prayer On The Move

Here is a fresh new idea for a prayer journey – using cars or bikes, visit each location and pray as guided on the prayer sheets. Or, use this resource and create indoor prayer stations representing each location. Great for everyone in your congregation or customize it for a youth event.

Rally Day: Use this idea as a great start to your fall season on your Rally weekend. Begin the new program year with prayer.

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Signed Baseball

This simple exercise will bond and uplift your congregation, and has potential for long-term impact.

In conjunction with a service theme of community (the body of Christ), pass out plastic or dense Styrofoam balls to your congregants (3 or 4 inches in diameter), as well as fine point permanent markers.

During reflection (appeal) time, have congregants collect signatures from each other, sharing with one another why they are appreciated and giving out words of encouragement. (Pre-plan with lay leaders and ushers to be ready to approach newcomers and visitors for their signatures when the time comes).

Congregants are then instructed to place the balls in a prominent place in their home, and to remember to pray for each other regularly each time they notice it. Congregants can also be encouraged to occasionally choose a name on their prayer ball, and to phone, E-mail or write a word of encouragement to the person they have chosen.

Submitted by Captain Paul Henderson

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