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It is our pleasure again this year to join with The Whole World Mobilizing in celebrating children and youth during the weekend of 23 – 25 March, 2018.

The theme for this weekend will be “Shine” based on the scripture in Isaiah 60:1. It is our sincere prayer that this intentional focus will help children, youth and families come to understand and experience the true Light that comes from knowing Christ and allow Him to guide their paths. We pray that God’s Light will shine in every dark corner of our world as children and youth respond to God’s call to “Arise and shine!” because “the glory of the LORD has risen on them.” (Isaiah 60:1)


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This leader’s guide has been designed to be used by an adult mentor who will meet regularly with young people using any of the four follow-up courses. There are six weeks’ worth of activities and discussion starters. This resource helps provide an opportunity for young people to come together and ask their questions and to be discipled.

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This sermon looks at Proverbs 3:5-12 from The Message. It encourages the listeners to consider who has control of their lives? Do they themselves? Do they feel like they are going through life as a remote controlled car being controlled by someone or something else? Have they considered what life will be like if they give control to God?

Submitted by Captain Darlene Burt, Rainbow Country Church, ON North Division.

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It’s been said that the call of God comes to an individual in a way which does not coerce, but leaves room for refusal, outright obedience, or obedience with a reservation, until one has no choice but to surrender fully to the leading of God. The story of Abraham is one in which God dealt with him over the years, training and shaping him until he came to the place of unquestioning obedience. As we look at various aspects of Abraham’s response to God’s will, put yourself in his place.  This sermon is #1 of the series: Responding to God’s Call (Call and Commitment Sunday 2012) Prepared by Major David Braye (Corps Officer St. John’s Temple at time of submission).


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Music and Praise

Chorus: Through Your eyes, Through Your eyes,
May I see the world around me through Your eyes.

To minister in love and serve with hands of grace,
and see within each face the face of Christ,
And live a life embraced through Your eyes.

To listen more than speak, and speak Your truth in love,
And seek to hear your voice in every cry, and live a life discerned through Your eyes.

Abandoned to my God, a living sacrifice,
In service to the world to make it Thine:
I live my life unfurled through Your eyes.

words and music by Kim Garreffa, 2006


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