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Advent Candles

FIVE QUESTIONS OF CHRISTMAS Advent Worship Series –  Each worship outline contains all elements needed for your worship service. The order of each service presented is only a suggestion. No doubt changes will be needed to accommodate the flow and worship style of your corps. The outlines are flexible and allow opportunities to “cut and paste” as needed. If you are blessed with instrumental or vocal music resources, you may find there is more structured material here than needed. It is recommended that the headings of each section of the service be included in the bulletin.

This resource and several other ideas  are available through the USA Eastern Territory

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About the Sermon Series

Everything you need – videos, bulletin covers, sermons, songs, etc.

Available in English and Spanish

Available from the USA Eastern Territory

Scripture: “Live as citizens who reflect the Good News about Christ. Then, whether I come to see you or whether I stay away, I’ll hear all about you. I’ll hear that you are firmly united in spirit, united in fighting for the faith that the Good News brings.” PHILIPPIANS 1:27 (NOG)

Scripture Context: Philippians 1:27–2:11

Spiritual Discovery: Philippians 1:27 (NOG) instructs Christians how to live as citizens of the Kingdom. We will explore that scripture verse and focus on what we learn about the characteristics of Citizens of the Kingdom. Identifying these characteristics will challenge us to accept our responsibility to be good citizens, caring for each other and paying special attention to our personal support of World Services. As we share this Scripture, we will be reminded that we are part of a worldwide Army, we are global Christian citizens.

  • Week 1  Transformed Lifestyle
  • Week 2  Spiritually Alive
  • Week 3 Witness to the World
  • Week 4  Extraordinarily Mission Minded

No download for this resource – use the link above to get the downloads.

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This sermon looks at Proverbs 3:5-12 from The Message. It encourages the listeners to consider who has control of their lives? Do they themselves? Do they feel like they are going through life as a remote controlled car being controlled by someone or something else? Have they considered what life will be like if they give control to God?

Submitted by Captain Darlene Burt, Rainbow Country Church, ON North Division.

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It’s been said that the call of God comes to an individual in a way which does not coerce, but leaves room for refusal, outright obedience, or obedience with a reservation, until one has no choice but to surrender fully to the leading of God. The story of Abraham is one in which God dealt with him over the years, training and shaping him until he came to the place of unquestioning obedience. As we look at various aspects of Abraham’s response to God’s will, put yourself in his place.  This sermon is #1 of the series: Responding to God’s Call (Call and Commitment Sunday 2012) Prepared by Major David Braye (Corps Officer St. John’s Temple at time of submission).


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Anticipate a Song

This document contains the full five weeks series: Anticipate A Song – based on the Song of Isaiah, Song of Zechariah, Song of Mary, Song of the Angels, Song of Simeon.

Each week includes a call to worship, responsive reading, a short drama, the sermon outline, and song suggestions.
Slides also available for the responsive scripture to accompany each week.


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