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Signed Baseball

This simple exercise will bond and uplift your congregation, and has potential for long-term impact.

In conjunction with a service theme of community (the body of Christ), pass out plastic or dense Styrofoam balls to your congregants (3 or 4 inches in diameter), as well as fine point permanent markers.

During reflection (appeal) time, have congregants collect signatures from each other, sharing with one another why they are appreciated and giving out words of encouragement. (Pre-plan with lay leaders and ushers to be ready to approach newcomers and visitors for their signatures when the time comes).

Congregants are then instructed to place the balls in a prominent place in their home, and to remember to pray for each other regularly each time they notice it. Congregants can also be encouraged to occasionally choose a name on their prayer ball, and to phone, E-mail or write a word of encouragement to the person they have chosen.

Submitted by Captain Paul Henderson

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Easter Cross

The cross of Jesus.  Let’s look at the shape of that cross, because it has significance for how we appropriate or claim for ourselves the meaning of the cross.  What do we see when we look at different images of the cross?  What can we say about its shape?

This devotional was originally designed for Women but is adaptable to other groups such as senior’s, men’s group, teen groups.


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