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Torch Bearers

Are you looking for a way to use the Olympic theme as an outreach opportunity in your community.  Here is a user-friendly Bible program that you can easily use for a one day Children’s Outreach event.  The program includes two interactive Bible sessions.  All you need to do is add the relay style games and craft components to make the day complete. NOTE: The file has been zipped and you will need to unzip it in order to open the PDF file and the PPS (PowerPoint Show) file.

Submitted by Steve and Valerie Pavey, Richmond Hill Community Church, ONCE Division.


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Advent Candles

FIVE QUESTIONS OF CHRISTMAS Advent Worship Series –  Each worship outline contains all elements needed for your worship service. The order of each service presented is only a suggestion. No doubt changes will be needed to accommodate the flow and worship style of your corps. The outlines are flexible and allow opportunities to “cut and paste” as needed. If you are blessed with instrumental or vocal music resources, you may find there is more structured material here than needed. It is recommended that the headings of each section of the service be included in the bulletin.

This resource and several other ideas  are available through the USA Eastern Territory

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Little Ladies Night Out is an outreach event that is hosted three times a year. The girls from church are given flyers in sealed envelopes that they can take to school and pass out to other girls in their classes. The girls who participate are between the ages of 4 and 11. This event, Colour Your World, includes colour games, crafts and science activities. The devotional “Who is the Greatest” looks at the theme “true greatness comes in serving others”. The devotional uses the story of “The Rainbow Fish” and the story of Jesus and the children. To learn more, download this program.

Submitted by Lisa Graham, Cobourg Community Church, ON Central East Division.

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Music and Praise

Consider hosting a youth prayer concert followed by an open house of prayer stations. This idea provides a prayer concert outline, suggested prayer topics and suggestions for prayer stations. The prayer concert is an hour in length and the prayer stations can be open for about 2 hours to allow participants to freely move and pray.

Related Scripture: Psalm 92, Psalm 12:3; Isaiah 61:1-7; Isaiah 42:5-9; 10-16; Isaiah 43:1-7; Revelation 4:6-11; 5:11-14

This idea was submitted by Major Sandra Budden, Woodstock, ON Great Lakes Division.

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Pumpkin Party

Here’s a youth group/kids club idea that focuses its activities around pumpkins and encourages us to be God’s light in the world.

Includes: games, story time suggestion, and prayer time ideas. Lights, Pumpkins.

This idea was submitted by Captains Carson & Teresa Decker, Divisional Youth Leaders, BC Division.

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February Freeze

Here’s an opportunity to celebrate the Winter Blahs! Invite the kids in grades 3-6 to join you for some great winter outdoor fun. Celebrate snow, cold temperatures and friendship. Host the celebration at the home of someone with an outdoor skating rink or meet at a public outdoor rink that has a park area and shelter that you can meet in. Provide an urn of hot chocolate and try out these games.

This idea was submitted by Catherine Rawlins and Valerie Pavey of Richmond Hill Community Church, ON Central Division


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Prayer On The Move

Here is a fresh new idea for a prayer journey – using cars or bikes, visit each location and pray as guided on the prayer sheets. Or, use this resource and create indoor prayer stations representing each location. Great for everyone in your congregation or customize it for a youth event.

Rally Day: Use this idea as a great start to your fall season on your Rally weekend. Begin the new program year with prayer.

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Here is a fun suggestions for a parent and teen, or older elementary aged children. Families come prepared with their collection of pictures from a whole year, and spend the evening together creating a family calendar, featuring themselves. Supplies for making the calendar are provided. Families are encouraged to work together at selecting the pictures for each page, and to reminisce while they work. If you have a video camera available, have a camera-person circulating the room, videotaping families explaining why they chose pictures for different pages. Then replay the video during refreshment time. If you do this in the late fall, families can make copies of their calendar for Christmas presents to family and friends.

Rally Day: Use this idea on Rally weekend, and have families make an album of their summer adventures!

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