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It is our pleasure again this year to join with The Whole World Mobilizing in celebrating children and youth during the weekend of 23 – 25 March, 2018.

The theme for this weekend will be “Shine” based on the scripture in Isaiah 60:1. It is our sincere prayer that this intentional focus will help children, youth and families come to understand and experience the true Light that comes from knowing Christ and allow Him to guide their paths. We pray that God’s Light will shine in every dark corner of our world as children and youth respond to God’s call to “Arise and shine!” because “the glory of the LORD has risen on them.” (Isaiah 60:1)


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This leader’s guide has been designed to be used by an adult mentor who will meet regularly with young people using any of the four follow-up courses. There are six weeks’ worth of activities and discussion starters. This resource helps provide an opportunity for young people to come together and ask their questions and to be discipled.

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12 Days

December 26-January 6th are the  “12 Days of Christmas”.

This devotional brochure provides ideas to ponder whether you are alone, a couple or a whole family! 

In Europe in the Middle Ages, Christmas was not one day, but a season of twelve days which began on December 25th and concluded on January 6th, Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men found the Christ Child and worshipped Him.  (Matthew 2:9-11)

Today in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries January 6th is celebrated as Three Kings Day and children receive presents commemorating the gifts of the Kings brought to Jesus.


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Easter Chick

A Holy Week devotional that can be given out to families in your church to help them prepare their hearts and minds for Easter. Encourage families to crack open an egg each day and meditate on Christ, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the new life we can enjoy in Christ.

Related Scripture:  Luke 22:7-20, Luke 22:39-46, Luke 22:54-62, Mark 15:1-15, Luke 23:44-46, Romans 5:6-11, Mark 15:43-47, Luke 24:1-8

This idea was submitted by Catherine Rawlins of the Richmond Hill Community Church, ON Central East Division

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Using the story of Daniel and the Lions Den this children’s program opening encourages the children to share with God the things they are afraid of and to ask God for his protection.  Includes Bible story, song suggestions and games such as Memory Match Game, Free Daniel Game and Lion Hide and Seek.

This idea was submitted by Captains Carson & Teresa Decker, while corps officers Sackville Community Church, Maritime Division.


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