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Group of Children

Here are some ideas for variations on a traditional game of tag. If you have some extra time in your lesson or program and adequate space then a quick game of tag can be quite enjoyable for your group. Download to discover some great variations.

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Similar to “Love Tokens”, these coupons are for Dad.  Help the young people you work with make coupons for Dad’s to redeem Anytime throughout the next year.

This idea was submitted by Major Faith Cameron, Program Coordinator, BC (North) Division.


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Pumpkin Party

Here’s a youth group/kids club idea that focuses its activities around pumpkins and encourages us to be God’s light in the world.

Includes: games, story time suggestion, and prayer time ideas. Lights, Pumpkins.

This idea was submitted by Captains Carson & Teresa Decker, Divisional Youth Leaders, BC Division.

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Multi Sports

This Family Winter Fun event has a somewhat Olympic theme to it. Running the race together and helping each other get the prize. Encourage families to work together with games such as:
Synchronized Swimming: Choose two members from each team for this task. Select some type of appropriate music. Let the team go out of the room for two minutes while they work out their “swimming techniques”. They will choose motions as it they were actually in the water swimming. Have judges choose the winning team.

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Plan a special night just for the kids to celebrate the joys of winter. Evening should include: games, devotional and food. Here’s a sample game:

Snowball Madness – Divide group into two teams. Each team is given several empty soda cans and one large bag of marshmallows. Each team tries to build an igloo (wall) of cans while the other team tries to knock it down with marshmallows. You will need a center line that the teams cannot cross.

This idea has been submitted by: Captains Carson and Teresa Decker, Sackville Community Church, Maritime Division.

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