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We all eat fruits and vegetables, but where are they grown? How far does it travel? A trip to the supermarket is often a voyage around the world! There are thousands of fruits and vegetables in the world. Grab a map and take a global journey from the comfort of your classroom. This activity illustrates the inter-dependency of our global food system, and encourages critical thought and reflection.

World Food Day is recognized in October.



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Journey with Jesus as he visits the home of friends, teaches his disciples, prays in Gethsemane, is denied by Peter and is tried and crucified. Five prayer stations help focus attention on Jesus’ last days on earth and give the opportunity for personal reflection and prayer. Can be used in a corps setting or for personal devotions.

This idea was written by Mary Read Horton, Consultant for Spiritual Formation/Discipleship, THQ.


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Christmas is one of the most important events for followers of Jesus, and we should prepare our selves for this. To help your young people prepare for Christmas download this calendar that is based on Luke 2:1-20. Then encourage your young people to see if they can memorize this passage of Scripture as they prepare for Christmas.

Submitted by Catherine Rawlins and Valerie Pavey, Richmond Hill Community Church, ON Central East Division

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